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"It is the only magazine that I carry around with me."

~ Marcia Reynolds, MCC and Past President ICF

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Perry Rue

"As an executive coach for 28 years, and an MCC for 23 years, I've seen a lot of coaching tools and books and seminars come and go. By far my favorite coaching resource, that I consider to be a must-have tool for every coach, is my subscription to choice magazine. I have been a subscriber since I first learned about the publication nearly 19 years ago. First of all, it is absolutely gorgeous. I get the print edition in the mail quarterly, and I savor it, reading it cover to cover so that I can stay in the know about our profession. It always has useful and timely articles, tools, and business-building insights that I can put to use right away in my business. I save every issue for future reference, and the vibrant colors and relevant information make it a no-brainer. It's surprisingly low cost and high value, with additional savings if you subscribe for multiple years. I love it so much I joined the Editorial Board!"

~ Suzi Pomerantz, MCC
CEO of Innovative Leadership International LLC
and best selling author of Seal the Deal.

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"Keep up the good work with the magazine. The quality of articles (and the graphic layout) have been outstanding."

~ Don Dillon

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Experts Weigh In

"There's great content in this magazine. I think it's forward reaching in that there are articles on things that we haven't even addressed yet. For example, I only know of one really good coaching book on diversity and yet there is already an issue from choice on that topic!"

~ Sackeena Gordon-Jones, Ph.D., MCC